The Division 2: Warlords of New York is a wonderful action RPG with ultimate guns, actions, and items. However, it’s a long one that will take several hours of gameplay to complete. In the game, there are over 30 levels with great rewards and unlockable items. Recently in the game, some small DLC tasks are added for some new challenges. The Division 2: Warlords of New York is keeping things up to date and adding new things, so the players always see new things and improved changes.

In the DLC, some new gears, skills, and items with better levels are added. Among all of these things, the most important thing that added is skills, which is the decoy. Unlocking new abilities are important because these abilities levels can get easy to progress. The only way to unlock this particular skill is to play the campaign, and here is how you can do it:

Rogue First Wave Agents

The central point of The Division 2: Warlords of New York is Aaron Keener, who is a former first wave division agent. He goes rogue at the time of New York’s collapse. Stopping Aaron Keeler is the priority of players because he is back with his deadly biological weapon. After he becomes rogue, he goes underground for 6 months only to come back with his four dominant allies. His allies are dangerous as Theo Parnell is also a former member of First Division Wave Agent. Theo is a master in bypassing systems and working drones.

The allies of Aaron Keener are also deadly as him, whereas Aaron Keener is the leader of all. Fighting with the boss and his members will not be an easy task. However, while managing to defeat the boss, “pettable dog” will be there for you and can help in several ways. To learn new skills, it is essential to kill this boss with your creative ideas and techniques.

The Master Of Hypocrisy

The boss you are fighting against is master of deadly technology with a sharp engineer mind. While the battle with him, he will be ready with the defenses that will save him. It’s a challenge, which is a compound of driving rain and flapping traps on the arena of the boss at New York. The skill that you require is unique and special, and it will be much useful to you then its inventor. It allows the player to make ECHO based replicas.

If you believe in misleading your opponent, then this new skill is much effective against your opponent. Decoy skill can lead you to victory and help you in battle in various ways. The only thing you will be at a disadvantage is that your holographic replicas will not move or shoot the enemy. So against the AI, it can be somewhat helpful for distraction, but more than that, they can’t do anything. If you play in Player vs. Player battle, your decoy skill will not be counted in meta.

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