The Motherboard is an important part of a computer system, and a damaged motherboard means the whole device is damaged. As they say, the brain of a computer system is the processor, therefore the heart of the computer system is a motherboard.

It is essential to keep the Motherboard of the system clean to prevent damage to other components of the system as well.

How to safeguard the motherboard of a computer?

As mentioned above, Motherboard is an essential component of a computer system, and it is vital to prevent it from any damage. Thus, below mentioned are ways to protect your motherboard, and we shall also be discussing the problems it may cause.

Keep the Ventilators clean

Ventilators are designed in Laptops and Computers for the easy flow of air. Dirt or dust can get into these spaces and jam the flow of the air through these ventilators.

Cleaning these spaces and getting off dirt is crucial if you’re in possession of a Laptop or a PC. It’ll also prevent your gadget from heating too quickly.

Get a Surge Guardian

Power surges can cause high damages to your motherboard and the system. In such cases, either you’ll have to get the parts of the system replaced, or get a whole new gadget. To prevent such damage, connect UPS with your computer system that does not instantly shut off your PC. It gives you a few extra minutes to save the work and shut it down properly. In short, it works as a battery backup just as a Laptop.

Avoid any short circuits

Short circuits are more likely to happen with a PC when the wires aren’t connected properly.

A motherboard runs in contact with power all the time, and so it shouldn’t be exposed to any sort of metal piece.

How to know if your Motherboard is creating a problem?

Looking for any ongoing problems created by a Motherboard is a bit unnoticeable. Thus, here are the two things that will make sure if something is wrong with the Motherboard of a PC.


A lot of Motherboards have a green light that indicates if there are any ongoing issues or not. The least you have to do is turn on the system and look for that green light on the Motherboard. If it doesn’t appear, it means your Motherboard is going through issues.

Sometimes, issues appear to be with other parts of the computer. If there is a green light flashing and the system is still creating issues, check for other components as well.

The Beeping Sound

Just as a green light flashing tells you about the issues occurring with your system, a beeping sound lets you know about the same as well. When your Motherboard is facing issues, a continuous beeping sound is the indication of a problem that needs to be fixed immediately.

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