Bad EXHANDLE BSOD Error is one of the fatal codes that usually arise due to defective device drivers or inconsistent handle table entry states. In any case, this error is troubling you, and then there is no need to worry. To get rid of it, check out the given methods to learn the reason how it occurred and resolve it accordingly.

Method 1: Update Device Drivers:

As we know, device drivers play a vital role in making the hardware work properly. However, if you are facing Bad EXHANDLE BSOD Error, then there will be a possibility as the problem arises due to outdated or corrupted drivers on your system. So, follow the given steps to learn how to overcome the issues conveniently.

Method 2: Boot in Safe Mode on Windows 10:  

If you are facing Bad EXHANDLE BSOD Error problem, then make sure to follow the underneath instructions to resolve it. For that, users need to do boot the Windows 10 operating system in Safe mode. Here’s how to do it:

Method 3: Clean Temp Files from your Disk

There is no doubt that such Bad EXHANDLE BSOD Error occurs due to the temporary files present on your Windows 10 system. So, pursue the beneath steps to clean up your disk and solve the problem accordingly.

Method 4: Run the System File Checker

Users can also use the Windows 10 System file checker option to eradicate the hassles. In case you do not know how to do it, then it is highly suggested to check out the listed guidelines to learn it. 

All in all, the methods mentioned above are one of the best possible solutions that one can use to solve the problem conveniently. So, in order to resolve the Bad EXHANDLE BSOD Error, follow the simple steps properly.  

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