Mirroring a phone screen to the PC or a PC screen to the phone is a handy feature and can be fun as well. Every user may not need to execute the action; however, users who want to, must be looking for the right tool to complete the job. Always ensure that the PC and the smartphone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Letsview helps users mirror a phone on the PC and vice-versa.

Users must have when using Letsview includes:

Mirroring the Android Screen to the PC

With the use of LetsView, users can mirror iOS and Android to Windows 10 or cast the computer screen on the phone easily.

1. Same Wi-Fi Network

Before starting the procedure, ensure that the phone and Windows are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Connect the Devices

3. Capture Screenshots

Whenever users are mirroring the screen, they can take screenshots by choosing the third icon at the top right. Then tap on Screenshots to capture the photo.

4. Whiteboard

5. Settings

Users can customize LetsView to open on startup, set the resolution of the screen, gives a warning when closing the window, and also do much more.

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