Gone are the days when folks enjoyed their weekends getting bored. When you have a Netflix subscription, no power in the world can lead you to boredom, except for a poor internet connection. Yes, Netflix is trying to be your go-to option for some thrill and entertainment with a bunch of its superb shows. All of these have a spark of their own, and thus each one comes with its surprising elements. Put on comfy clothes, and get ready to experience the one that desires you the most. Remember, Netflix never disappoints its fans with boring plots. 

Dark is getting all the attention these days, for some good reasons. It is perhaps Netflix’s most thrilling show. The story plot focuses on two things- time travel, and the bewildering teenage lives. The story revolves around the sudden disappearance of two young teenagers in Winden. The finale season answers all the unanswered questions that were left floating in the first season. The story attempts to display time-travel in the most bizarre ways, with characters like Noah seeking chances to control it. Noah is an immortal priest and has special powers of commuting between decades. For the world, he is a priest, but in reality, he has never believed in God. The priest has successfully built a time-travel chair in an underground bunker. 

All in all, Dark will give you multiple pieces of spooky suspense and thrill. Shocking reveals are significantly experienced in the climax of the finale. The show focus on a concept that revolves around past and past mistakes, and how these mistakes never leave anyone. It’s essential to watch and admire the first season first, to enjoy the second one. For some, it might be difficult to digest so much at a single stroke. The plot story is as much confusing, as it is appealing. The main concepts can be well understood with the help of flow charts and a mug of strong coffee.

To the great surprise of many, especially the ones who thought the British ITV thriller to be a dull piece, the show is now streaming on Netflix. There is a case that is left open for 11 years, but Marcells Backland, a London detective, is here to solve it. A mysterious serial killer maliciously succeeded in all his ventures before and is now active again. He allegedly murdered three people from Grove Park in 2005. To add up to Marcella’s nervous break-downs, she worries that she might also be involved in the murder of Grace, her husband’s love. The newest twist season, however, add up to the suspense. The lady is now in Northern Ireland and is working with a new identity. Surprisingly, she somehow gets involved in a wealthy crime family. Many insights pose questions on her mental health too. All in all, the series has everything you need to quench the craving for some thrills and mysteries.

Have a look at the recap of The Order season one. The Order is a Canadian series that revolves around Jack Morton. The guy gets involved in the secret societies- The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, and the Knights of Saint Christopher. The first season talks about how the lead protagonist gets involved in these two secret societies that were responsible for his grandfather’s death. Season two is set to add some other exciting juices to the main plot. Be ready for some twists in the plot.

The Brydes couple, along with their teenage kids, was leading a simple life until some unexpected changes occurred. In the first season, you saw Marty getting involved in a side-job of money laundering for a drug cartel in Mexico. The side job eventually became his primary source of living, leading him and his family to start a new life in Chicago. In the second season, you might see Marty getting involved in troubles with the FBI. The second season will probably add more problems for the Brydes, and more suspense for the viewers.

 The heist controls all the attention. “The Professor” is the man behind the planning and plotting of the heist. He puts his all to make it big with his team. He wants to pull off the most adventurous and biggest heist in the world. His plan to print euros in The Royal Mint Pf Spain is a foolproof one. The crime drama won’t let you blink an eye.

Time for some comic claps. If you are upset with your dull workspace, then suggest your managers and HRs watch Space Force. The story revolves around a pilot with big dreams. Mark R. Naird wants to run the Air Force. But the man is shocked to find himself in the task of leading Space Force, the sixth branch of the US Armed Forces. The dedicated pilot leaves his family and heads towards a base in Colorado. His team isn’t an ordinary one. The journey is filled with ups and downs, and will surely tickle your bones throughout the watch. Thus, it is unfair to miss this one with family on a Saturday night.

This one is a complex piece of writing. The main protagonist is suffering from cancer and thus is forced to cook and sell meth to earn a living for his family. The crime drama focuses on drug dealing but is not like other shows with similar drug dealing concepts. The show was never a plain, dull experience, as it always amazed the viewers. The first episode starts with the lung cancer diagnosis of Walter White, a chemistry professor. Hank Schrader, his brother in law, became his inspiration, to begin with, drug-dealing. Walter White gets emotional and concerned for his family after knowing that he won’t live for long. Motivated to give them a good life after his demise, he starts with the crime business of drug dealing. Sure, he makes a lot of money, but the plot has other aspects to explore too.

You will thank Netflix for streaming these beautiful pieces. Start your binge-watching today.

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