How to Fix Defrag Not Working on Windows 10?

Windows 10 comes up with an inbuilt tool to defragment all files fragmented on your device, and this helps your device to run smoothly without any problem. Defragmentation of your system helps the hard drive to boost the performance and keep your storage device run fluently. With this feature, you can increase the life of […]

How to Fix Error Code 651 on Windows

Error Code 651 is one of the most common error codes that you might face on your Windows computer while trying to access the internet. This generally shows up when you connect the internet via PPPoE connection or Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet. This connection helps people to use several PCs on a single […]

How to Back Up Your iPhone

Smartphones have become one of the most important parts of life. It is used to store lots of data, files, folders, beautiful camera shots, and so on. With iOS 13, you can do all the important tasks from messaging to manage your office in a very comfortable way.  Features of iPhone Apple provides various latest […]

How to Fix Apple Books Not Working on iPhone XR

Apple Books is a free app for e-book reading that can be obtained from the Apple App Store. Users can use the app to find, download, and read e-Book on Apple devices. If you own an iOS device and love reading, then you probably already use Apple Books. However, sometimes, users face issues using the […]