Top 5 Apps for Doctors and Medical Professionals

According to a research study in the USA, 95% of Americans owns a mobile phone. Most of those phones are smartphones. This report shows how many people in today’s world depend on smartphones. Whatever they want to ask, they ask it to their smartphones. Doctors and medical professionals can also use some apps to ease their work.

5 Apps That Are Helpful for Every Doctor

1. UpToDate

This app has tons of evidence-based answers to the questions that a doctor may have in mind while searching for a specific treatment. Doctors ask a question, and medical researcher teams and experienced physicians mostly give the answers. This app contains evidence-based diagnostical data that a doctor needed every day. A doctor also needs to learn new things, especially when a doctor finds an uncommon disease in his patient.

What does a doctor do? They keep learning new things in every minute of their life. This app has a broad audience of different doctors from all around the world. The UpToDate app makes easy communication throughout worlds best doctors.

2. MDCalc

MDCalc helps a doctor to choose the right tool for the condition. It has data of over 250 tools that are used to diagnose people. With this app, a doctor can know which tool to apply for a cure or a condition. A doctor can easily find a tool that is relevant for his patient. This app and its content are designed by best doctors and other health experts, to help the doctors who are maybe trying something new in their life. It also provides full tutorials and guides on how to use a specific tool.

3. Figure 1 

Figure 1 has the audience of millions of people who are somehow connected and involved in treatments and are professional healthcare advisors. This app allows one to share and view medical images. Medical professionals are openly allowed to comment and answer to solve a medical issue. Doctors who are unable to find an effective treatment for a disease can post an image or his question to get answers by other experienced teams. A physician can get feedback if he posts a picture of his client or patient. The world’s best physician and medical practitioners give feedback to the image.

4. Medscape

It is a medical news app for Android and iOS. It has information about every single medicine that exists in the world. It can help a physician to choose what medicine or what dosage will be right for his patients. If you want to know the cure for a disease or illness, then this platform is suitable for you. The content is written by top medical research teams and medical practitioners. It also has an inbuilt disease reference tool, which is very useful if you are a new doctor.

5. Epocrates

Epocrates is one of the most used apps among medical men and women. It is a medicine referencing app that physicians can ask for help while prescribing medicines to their patients. You can search by name, brand, or any other term for any medication that you want to know about. You can also check how the medicine will react when interacting with different disease or diagnosis.

Epocrates also have information on different diseases such as lab guides coding, alternative medications, etc.

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