Fortnite: Guide to Prepare for season 8 Week 4 Challenges

Season 8 of Fortnite is making fans excited, and new Battle Pass challenges and in-game content is proving to be quite indulging for fans to interact within the game. And in addition to the ongoing crazy and fun challenges, fans of Fortnite have a new leak to catch on.

This new leak is suggesting the entire list of upcoming in-game challenges for season 8 week 4 which is not a big shocker as it is kind of becoming a trend to leak the challenges associated to any game before it is revealed as not every studio developer can maintain the secrecy level compared to Marvel Studios.

Well, that aside players of Fortnite can have an initial look at the upcoming week 4 challenges for the season 8 and get a step further to obtain this seasons Battle Star which could be used for improve on their in-game ratings.

Lucas7yoshi who is amongst the well known Fortnite leakers have posted a new tweet which hints at various week 4 challenges and provides an image with all the said quests confirmed.

As usual this week 4 challenges would feature two different sets of challenges which includes Free Challenges and Battle Pass Challenges. So players can review the provided list of challenges according to their requirements.

Below is the list of challenges which gamers can refer to prepare for the upcoming challenges for this week. Although these mentioned challenges are not hard to accomplish, still preparing yourself before-handedly is always wise.

Week 4 Free Challenges

  • Look for two hidden Treasures buried somewhere around the in-game map.
  • Eliminate the enemy using suppressed and Scoped weapon.
  • Use pirate cannon twenty-five time by launching your own self.

Week 4 Battle Pass Challenges

  • Directly land to the Happy Hamlet.
  • Directly land to the Pleasant Park.
  • Directly land to the Tilted Towers.
  • Directly land to the Retail Row.
  • Directly land to the Junk Junction.
  • Last against 90 other players in a match or at least rank in top 10.
  • Use the new Baller vehicle in five separate matches.
  • Knock out ten enemies at Pleasant Park or Happy Hamlet.

These new week 4 challenges for season 8 are planned to go live on the upcoming Tuesday, 21st of March around 7 AM PT.  So all the players should at least visit all the mentioned locations if they have missed out in the past to ensure the proper completion of challenges when they are live.

Moreover this season 8 would offer various skins, emotes and cosmetics as you progress and improve on your tier in the game. Mostly fans and community members are excited to unlock the Banana King skin which was teased before season 8 was revealed.

The banana skin can be unlocked at tier 40 and beyond which is supposedly very high for any new player in the title, but it is important to note that the recent delay in season 8 offered players to complete various Overtime Challenges to collect free Battle Stars.

So it seems like Fortnite is trying to imply some extra effort on the part of gamers to accomplish many more challenges to reach up to such high level. Still dedicated Fortnite fans would surely put there learned skills to good use and manage to secure high enough tier to unlock such unique one-time contents.

Players will receive a number of unique emotes, skins, wearables and in-game usable items which will definitely force players to make a much more effort to successfully complete all of the ongoing season 8 challenges to make sure they don’t miss out on these super awesome content.

Let’s see how players react to this new skin as it would be not very uncommon to see a showdown between Tomato King and Banana King in the coming weeks. Hopefully, you complete all the available events and challenges to secure this times exclusive battle Pass rewards.

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