How To Conduct a Poll On Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly known platform for sharing exciting pictures and moments with followers, but with time, Instagram has introduced some new features which are drastically evolving the outreach of this application.

Previously users were able to like, comment, or direct message to their followers. Later down the years, Instagram introduces various filters, IGTV videos, and the option of creating stories. But now users have another unique means to interact with their followers, which is through conducting polls on their profile.

Instagram users can know about what their followers like and what they dislike by conducting polls on their stories. This helps users in establishing a better connection with their followers by knowing what they like and dislike. An Instagram poll can be conducted through two means. One method allows users to create a poll on their stories, and another technique involves direct messaging the targeted followers whom you want to interact with.

Although Instagram account can be accessed through desktop and mobile devices, still the poll’s can only be created on an official Instagram mobile application. So users will have to use the Instagram application on their mobile phones to create a poll. To create polls on your Instagram account, follow the steps given below.

  • Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone and log in to your account if needed.
  • Then select the “Story” icon on the top left corner by pressing on it. It will have your profile picture on top or user can also swipe right to switch to story camera mode directly.
  • Click an image or record a clip that you wish to set your story as.
  • Apply any filters or customize your story by using different editing tools.
  • Now press the “sticker” button from the top of your screen.
  • Then hit the “POLL” sticker from the list.
  • Enter your question that you want to ask inside the “Ask a question” text field.
  • To customize your answers, tap on the “Yes” button, and then tap on the “No” button to change them.
  • After finishing with the customization press “Done” option from the extreme right corner.
  • Now you can give some final finishing touch by dragging the created poll over your story where you want it to appear. Simply place your finger on the created poll and drag it on the story to the targeted place where you wish to place it.
  • Then hit “Your Story” button from the bottom of your screen.
  • If you want to share your story with some specific friends, then press the “Close Friends” button to choose the followers you wish to send your story to.

By going through the steps mentioned above, users can easily conduct polls and better interact with their followers. Hopefully, now users will be able to conduct many in-depth interactions with their followers as Instagram is availing numerous means like Live video chat, IGTV videos, Stories, Polls, and random gifs to better express the emotions to each other.

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