6 Best Fitbit Apps Available in 2019

With the launch of Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, Fitbit OS, the operating system by Fitbit was released as well. It was a great decision by the company as they didn’t launch it as a Wear OS watch and offered their operating system with the smartwatch. The numbers of apps are growing from time to time in the Fitbit’s store, and most of the apps are for health and fitness only. Though, it is nowhere near to the Google Play Store and App Store. You can do a lot of things – such as control lights, stay updated with news, find a place to eat and more – with the available apps in the store.

These are the best Fitbit apps for you:

1. Strava

If you are Fitbit Ionic or Versa user, Strava is a must-have app for you. It is already ideally integrated with Fitbit and very beneficial for runners and fitness enthusiasts. If we talk about the one the best features of this app, it is going to be Matched Runs. Also, if you cover the same route as earlier, it will show you stats from your previous attempt. Install this excellent app and track your stats quickly.

2. The New York Times

Check what is happening around with ease through The New York Times. It is considered as one of the most reputed news sources and can be used in various devices. Get this app for your Fitbit smartwatch and go through headlines and news summaries swiftly.

3. RHR Report

It is essential to know your heart rate while you are resting too. This app does the same. It keeps tracks of your RHR and displays you the heart rate from the last 7 through a simple chart. This app is destined to reduce the risk of heart disease as well. If the RHR is decreasing from time to time in the app, it means you are getting fitter day after day. So, use the RHR Report app in your smartwatch to know your resting heart rate.

4. Virtual Partner

Get the best running companion with the Virtual Partner app. It allows you to set the distance as well as time and helps you cover a dedicated running route. You can check whether you or your virtual partner is ahead while running. After you complete the run, you will get to see the summary screen with your running results. It also supports the German language along with English. 

5. Tennis

As its name already suggest, this app is made especially for the ones who play Tennis. It detects overhead swings and groundstrokes perfectly after you wear the smartwatch on your wrist. You can even track the scores of the match through Tennis. Fitbit Labs are offering this outstanding sports app. It is not ideal for using while playing Volleyball though.

6. WaterLogged

Calculate the amount of water that you drink every day with WaterLogged. It has a simple but effective user interface for using. You can set the goal of drinking water and track progress with each passing day through this app. This app provides you the option to choose bottles, glasses, and more for calculating with a single tap.


Fitbit smartwatches are giving tough competition to Apple Watch and Android Wear. If you want to choose the best Fitbit smartwatch, go with Fitbit icon. It comes with a beautiful and design and best fitness features.

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